2016 rules.

Ruthy at Cambridge Folk Festival July, 30 2016. 

Ruthy at Cambridge Folk Festival July, 30 2016. 

Y'all.  There's so much great *content* to share I hardly know where to start.  Photos, interviews, links, radio shows. So. Much. Stuff.  

Not that you have loads of time to sit around reading about US all the time, but, here's a smattering of some goodies you may find interesting:

I dunno how I missed this the first time around but here's a great piece on "the world of old-time music" as it relates to today's artists. I particularly love the art work at the top of the piece featuring Ruthy's dad, Jay.

Here's a nice little blurb about our Cambridge Folk Festival Stage 1 set:

And here's a rather smashing review of our last-minute, relocated, almost-didn't-happen Glasgow show by Paul Kerr of Blabber n Smoke.  I love how deeply and immediately he latched on to what it is that we do:

Here's a fun live video we made as a submission to try to get voted on the Cayamo cruise this winter (watch til the end for a good chuckle):

Here's a lovely audio interview with Northern Sky live Cambridge Folk Festival.

Some tour photos here:

It just goes on and on . . . 

I'm just pleased as punch.  

I figured out today that we've only slept under our own roof four nights since May.  Nine festivals later and we're still going strong with the Hoot right around the corner, not to mention Ashokan Southern Week and a fall tour including stops in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and more.  

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

Today I went golfing with my buddy TK.  Then we jumped in a swimming hole in Woodstock called Big Deep.  It was a lovely day off.  Of course, come sundown I gave a  banjo lesson and dove into some email work but, still, by my standards, a day off.  

Ruthy and I are very grateful that we get to do what we do.  This year finally feels like we're back to where The Mammals were when we called it quits.  Shit takes tiiiiiiiiiiiiime to get back on track.  I love where it's all heading and I love where it's all been and thank you for being with us on this journey.  This musical expedition.  Thank you for your contributions, both financially and spiritually.  It all helps propel us forward more than you know.  I swear to god. 

Love + Gratitude,