Calling all Patrons!

Two-thousand-fifteen ROCKED. There isn’t a caps-lock big enough to express it accurately.

We released Bright As You Can.

We committed to touring full-time as a five-piece band.

We played some of the best shows of our 15+ year career.

Now it’s a new year. 

And guess what we’re starting tomorrow . . . 


Our plan is to record a lot in 2016.  

To keep the incredible momentum we felt in 2015 rolling right into the new year. 

And we need your help! 


So we launched a Patreon campaign. (

(If you haven’t heard of Patreon, here’s the deal: it’s an on going fan-funding platform empowering creators of all kinds to make a living from their creativity and hard work. Not just for one project, but on a continual basis.)

We think this is the best model out there to keep us motivated, engaged and creating new music to release and share with the community. 

If you believe in the power of songs and take pride in supporting art, please consider becoming one of our Patrons! Your money will directly flow into the hands of our beloved musicians, engineer, babysitters, local take-out restaurants & food markets, and perhaps a few purveyors of fine studio gear. What will happen will be pretty miraculous. We will wake up, we will thank you, we will eat, we will thank you, we will record songs, we will keep you in the loop, and we will make you very proud. If not, opt out at any time and we will still thank you!

Thanks, Love + Gratitude,

Mike (+ Ruthy)